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Komplettset Einbauanleitung Installation Downloads

Click here for our DADDELKISCHDE section with instructions, information and downloads!

  • One board, maximum functions, all possibilities, almost everything!
    No matter if control, sound, power management, … here the time to complete a ZeroBOY is reduced from days to a few hours!
  • In addition to the motherboard is also a PCB and STL for L + R trigger / shoulder buttons included (buttons not included, can be purchased here)
    The associated DADDELKISCHDE Triggerhelper is not included but can be either printed or purchased here!
  • SNES button layout via GPIO (the required drivers “gamecon_gpio_rpi” are already included in RetroPie!)
  • LiPo charging function on board, identical to Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C, charging and playing possible at the same time – no extra charging module necessary!
  • Micro-USB socket for charging, which is led to the outside of the housing included.
  • Soldering pads for 4 status LEDs: device switched on, low battery, battery is charging, battery fully charged (LEDs not included, can be purchased here)
  • Stereo potentiometer for volume control included
  • Stereo jack for headphones included
  • Mono amplifier for loudspeakers included, no extra audio amplifier necessary!
  • ADC for measuring the battery status with matching python script for battery indication directly on the display included
  • 2-port USB hub
    A port led out as a freely accessible USB-A socket + a free internal port which zb. can be used for a microcontroller / joystick or other USB devices
    Optimized for maximum resolution and crisp picture thanks to HDMI display (sold separately, please refer to associated instructions)
  • Screws included, as well as printed Micro USB cover and blind plug (which conceals the former power connector on the GB housing) for free!

Not included but needed / recommended are:

  • Building aids, which allow the exact fixation of the parts in the right place as well as easy soldering, are recommended! The associated DADDELKISCHDE building aids can be either printed or purchased here!
  • STL for X-Y-Buttons incl. Drill guide / drilling aid included in the DADDELKISCHE Displayhelper, no separate drilling template necessary!
    The DADDELKISCHDE Displayhelper can either be printed or purchased here!

And what else is needed for a complete ZeroBOY?

Or you can put together your cheap DADDELKISCHDE set yourself!

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